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  • Movavi Video Suite is a really good all-rounder for video import and export.
  • It is a powerful reliable video suite that covers very much all the standard needs of most non-professional video editing fans.
  • It'll put ...videos on virtually any player you require.
  • Movavi's Video Suite can make all of your digital dreams come true.
  • Movavi Video Suite is a very easy to use multimedia suite.

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Movavi Video Suite

Old Price: 229.73

Only $69.95

Movavi Video Suite - Total Media Converter - Screenshot

Movavi Video Suite, our complete set of video editing and processing tools, comprises Movavi's most powerful video processing applications: Video Converter, Video Editor, Slideshow Creator, and ChiliBurner

With Movavi Video Suite, you can:

  • Convert video — including HD — and audio to any format or device
  • Watch any 2D video in 3D, playback 3D video, DVD and audio
  • Edit 2D and 3D video, overlay audio, apply artistic effects
  • Share video online, upload to YouTube and Facebook
  • Capture screencasts — record everything happening on your screen
  • Split and join video, cut out unwanted segments
  • Capture video from cameras and TV-tuners
  • Create stunning slideshows in three simple steps
  • Burn Blu-ray Disc™, DVD and CD

Click Reference to check more supported devices or formats.

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Key Features

Convert video to any format and device

Extensive Media Format Support
Support for more than 170 video (including HD!), audio, and image formats.

DVD Ripping*
Save unencrypted DVDs to any media format. Switch between audio tracks to get DVD movies in the language of your choice.

NVIDIA® CUDA™ Optimization
NVIDIA CUDA optimization gives you smooth media playback and 8x gain in video processing speed on PCs with CUDA-enabled graphics card and 10x gain on PCs with multiple-GPUs.

Format Settings Adjustment
Advanced users will appreciate the precise control and ability to manually adjust output video parameters when converting videos.

Customizable Target Quality & File Size
The 'Target Quality' function lets you set the quality and size of the output file by moving a single slider.

Ready-made Presets for Mobile Devices & Export to iTunes
Rip media into the format supported by a particular mobile device. Export media files to iTunes when the conversion is complete.

Video Editing Tools & Professional Filters
Crop, rotate, add watermark, split, join. Enhance quality, adjust brightness, contrast, and fix common video problems with professional filters.

Support for Multi-core Processors & Batch File Conversion
Convert multiple files simultaneously on multi-core processors. The video conversion speed gain on PCs with AMD or Intel multi-core processors equates approximately to the number of processor cores: convert video up to 2, 4, even 8 times faster!
Convert files in batches. Set output format for each file individually or convert all files to one format.

Advanced Actions on Successful Completion: Shut Down/Hibernate
Movavi Video Suite can now convert video for you while you sleep! You can also specify what the program should do on completion of the conversion: shut down or hibernate.


Video Suite - Create Slideshow
Video Suite - Slideshow

Create Slideshow

Support for Image Formats
Add JPG, BMP, GIF, and PNG images and photos to your slideshow.

Photo Preview
Photo thumbnails make the process of slideshow creation easy. You can even enlarge selected photos and switch to Full Screen mode.

'Rotate Photo' & 'Easy Fix' Tools
Rotate photos by 90, 180, or 270 degrees. Repair photographic mishaps and less-than-perfect images with the automatic enhance filter.

Music & Special Effects
Overlay music or sound effects to create the perfect atmosphere using most popular audio formats.

Sharing Options
Save your slideshow to any popular format or burn it to a CD or DVD.


Edit Video

Edit Video

Edit Video on customizable timeline

Edit 3D Video
Cut, crop, rotate, add effects and transitions, overlay music and titles – all the 2D editing tools can be used to edit 3D videos too.

Edit Video on the Timeline Panel
Create your own video masterpiece using a customizable timeline with separate tracks for video, audio, and titles. Add as many tracks to the timeline as you need — the only limitation is your hardware.

HD Fast Track
When adding HD video, Movavi Video Suite generates a special smaller video file so your editing is faster and smoother because you're not working with the oversized original video file.

Special Video Effects
Use Movavi Video Suite artistic affects to make your home videos really special. Choose from Picture-in-Picture, Mosaic, Add Noise, Posterize, Diffuse, Grayscale, and more.

Chroma Key Effect
With the new chroma key effect, walking on water and visiting Baden-Baden is possible in your home videos! The effect removes a particular solid color — keys it out — from the video, making it transparent. When Movavi Video Suite has removed the background, you can add any background video on the adjacent track — now you have the power of the television studio on your desktop!

Professional Filters
Experiment with professional-grade cleaning filters like Denoise, Deblock, Brightness/Contrast, Gamma, Color Balance, and more to restore the original quality of old or damaged videos.

Video Transitions & Crossfade Transition for Audio Tracks
Ensure your audio tracks blend smoothly into each other.

Volume & Opacity Envelopes
The Volume envelope lets you control audio fade-in and fade-out as well as overall volume level, while the Opacity envelope sets overall opacity levels and lets you fade video events in and out.


Share Online - Upload Files in Three Clicks

Online Video Sharing

Get HTML Pages with Your Video
Convert video to FLV and get an HTML page with the video already embedded into it. You don’t need to be a web designer – just select one check box!

Upload to YouTube and Facebook
Upload converted videos to YouTube and Facebook right from Movavi Video Suite with the new FREE Movavi Share Online app. You can also use the program to share your photos on Facebook. Uploading video and image files to the Web is now a one-click task!



Screen Capture

Record Screencasts

Record Anything on Your Screen
Now you can capture everything that happens on your computer screen – games, online videos, video chats, TV shows, program activities – whatever you want.

Create Video Guides
No matter whether you want to teach your friends how to use a program or want to boast about your latest game wins – you can record anything and share the resulting video however you want.

Edit Screencasts
With Movavi, you can turn your screen recordings into first-class video manuals. Open the screencast in the video editor and get to work: split and join different segments, adjust brightness/contrast, add watermarks, apply filters and effects, add music and titles, and more.

Export for Portable Devices and the Web
Save screencasts in the appropriate format for playback on PCs or portable devices, for uploading to YouTube or burning to DVD.


Split Video

Automatic and Manual Video Splitting

Split Video

Automatic & Manual Splitting
Split, cut, and trim your video automatically by size, time or number of segments; you can also manually choose the beginning and end points of any segment you want to split out.

Select Marker Positioning by Exact Time
Set the position of start/end selection markers by entering the exact time, down to fractions of a second.

'High Speed' & 'High Accuracy' Modes
Want to convert files without loss of quality, or select the precise start and end points of a video clip? All you need to do is choose 'High Speed' or 'High Accuracy' to switch to the right mode.

Join Mode
Now you can not only split your video into parts but also join selected segments and combine them into a single movie.



Create Blu-ray Disc
Burn video to CD, Blu-ray Disc or DVD

Create Blu-ray Disc™/DVD/CD

Create Blu-ray Video
Just imagine, over 9 hours of high-definition video on just one disc — it couldn't be more convenient.

Burn DVD and CD
Burn you favorite video to CD or DVD. Create high-resolution wide-screen video DVDs and play them on your wide-screen TV! Burn audio CD.

Adjust DVD Burning Settings
Specify DVD video quality to get the exact results you want.

Create Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD Menus
Choose from more than a dozen original Blu-ray and DVD themes so your disc will instantly grab your viewers' attention!

Burn Data CD, DVD & Blu-ray Disc™
Copy and back up data from your hard drive to a CD or DVD — so you'll always have an extra copy available. Burn Blu-ray 25GB and 50GB discs.

Create, Burn, and Copy ISO Files
Create an ISO image from any file stored on your computer, copy it, and burn the ISO image to CD and DVD

Verify Discs
Test recorded CDs and DVDs to ensure no loss of data.



The Capture Video application

Capture Video

DV, HD, HDV and Web Camera Support
The Capture Video application captures video from DV cameras to AVI and saves MPEG2-TS and AVCHD video from cameras to PC. You can also capture live video — shoot and save video to the computer at the same time — ideal for shooting video messages, video instructions or introductory comments.

TV-tuner Support
The Capture Video application automatically detects a TV-tuner and adds it to the list of Video Capture Sources. Choose the channel you need from the list or add a new channel and start to capture!

VHS Capture
Revive your old movie collection and family videos stored on VHS cassettes! Just connect up your video recorder or plug the VHS capture device into your PC — it will be automatically detected by the Capture Video function — and just press the Capture button.

Join Mode
Now you can not only split your video into parts but also join selected segments and combine them into a single movie.


Play Video and Audio

Play Video and Audio

Watch Regular Video in 3D
3D video is gaining popularity, but there are as yet few 3D movies available. Not any more! Now you can watch any movie in 3D. Our 3D player applies 3D effects to regular 2D videos on the fly. So put on your 3D glasses and join the 3D revolution today.

Flexible 3D Video Playback
The number of 3D movies available is small but growing. Our player lets you watch 3D movies in both stereo (side-by-side and over-under) and anaglyph formats.

Extensive Format Support
'Play Video and Audio' application supports more than 170 video formats, including DVD and high definition video.

DVD Audio Tracks & Subtitles
Watch DVD movies in the language of your choice, and switch between audio tracks & subtitles.

Playlist & Shuffle Toggle
Create and manage your own playlists and add single tracks or entire folders. Play videos one by one or activate the Shuffle mode to play items randomly.



Input Formats
Video AVI, MPEG-1,2, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP (3GPP), 3G2 (3GPP2), MOV (QT), MKV, FLV, DVD (VOB, IFO), MOD, DAT, M2T (MTS), VRO, HTML5 (WebM, OGV), etc
Audio MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, Monkey's Audio
Output Formats
Video AVI, MPEG-1,2, MP4, WMV, 3GP (3GPP), 3G2 (3GPP2), MOV (QT), MKV, FLV, M2T (MTS), HTML5 (WebM, OGV), etc
Audio MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AAC, FLAC, Monkey's Audio
Supports devices
Apple iPad, iPod, iPhone, Sony PSP, BlackBerry, Creative ZEN, Android Phones, Tablets, Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Zune, Nokia, HTC, Samsung, iriver, Palm, Explay, PDAs/Pocket PCs, cell phones, smartphones, and others.

System Requirement

Minimum System Requirements
Supported OS Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 with up-to-date patches/service packs installed
Processor Intel or AMD or compatible processors, 1GHz
Free hard disk space Minimum 250MB free hard disk space for installation, 2GB for ongoing operations
RAM 256MB RAM for Windows 2000 and XP, 512MB for Vista, 1GB for Windows 7
Graphics Card Minimum graphics display resolution of 1024x768, 32-bit color
Others VHS capture device ;BD-R/RE drive;Administrator permissions are required for installation;Latest version of QuickTime Player
Recommended System Requirements for HD Video Processing
Supported OS Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 with up-to-date patches/service packs installed
Processor Intel or AMD or compatible processors, 2.8GHz
Free hard disk space 5GB free hard disk space for ongoing operations; DVD and Blu-ray Disc copying, editing and authoring may require large amount of free disk space, up to several 10's of GB
RAM 1GB RAM for Windows 2000 and XP, 2GB for Vista and Windows 7
Graphics Card NVIDIA® CUDA™-enabled;Display resolution of 1280x1024, 32-bit color
Others Sound card; VHS capture device ;BD-R/RE drive;Administrator permissions are required for installation;Latest version of QuickTime Player


User Guides

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